October 14th – 20th

So this week was uneventful… We had the usual monday to friday grind like a normal human being with nothing to exciting happening!

I have learnt that I LOVE the weather so far in Brisbane but I’ve also realised that when people at work are telling me that it gets too hot, I start to get scared! I skate to work and some days I get to work so hot and sweaty and they just laugh, they all say the same thing too… “Wait till december… you’ll melt on the way in!” Sound fun!!

In comparison to last week, The cultural trip of museums of Brisbane was replaced with a very, very messy friday night of drinking, playing pool and more drinking! As I mentioned in a previous post, we have a 50% discount card for all drinks at the Down Under Bar because we work for accommodation. What this means is that we get $2.50 Coronas and $4 Jaeger Bombs! No, that wasn’t a typo, it really is that cheap! So on Friday we put the discount card to work (I’m surprised it didn’t melt), and started our night at 11pm… the bar closed at 5am and most people decided it was bed time. One guy even said, “There is a right way and a wrong way now, The right way is up the stairs to the hostel, The wrong way, is down the hill towards the only open bar in the city”

Of course people went to bed… Not me and Darren!! We headed towards the casino in the old town hall for a few more drinks and decided that at 7.30am it was time to call it a night. We headed back to the hostel and thought we’d try to wake people up for breakfast, no chance. So at 8am we were in the hostel kitchen, me eating peanut butter toast and Darren eating chicken noodles!


This sort of set the pace for the rest of the weekend with me having a hangover for another two days, pretty much keeping me at a minimum movement except for watching Gone Girl, P.S. Everyone dies!! I’m joking, no one dies… or do they! Great film either way!

Watching my beloved Arsenal struggle to draw against Hull and me failing miserably in the pool competition I won last week…

Cassie had a friend from the UK, who lives in Sydney, visit her on sunday and they decided to have a big night! It was gone 4am when they got in and cassie was rambling on about Chicken nuggets, God knows!?!?


The picture above is an exclusive as its straight off Cassie’s phone and she hasn’t got a clue I have used it!!

We’ve decided were going to do the 5k colour run in Brisbane next month so we will sign up this week and i’ll explain more in next weeks post…

I guess its ciao for now!!


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