The DO’s and Don’ts of staying in hostels

During our round the world trip we’ve stayed in plenty of shared room hostels, from a 12 bed share in Bali to a 52 bed share in Singapore. I am not exaggerating either, 52 people and only three bathrooms!! So using our experiences, and stories shared from others we have met, I decided to compile a do and don’t guide for staying in hostels!!

DON’T be the plastic bag guy

This is pretty simple and you would think it would be a normal thing for people not to do… When you are staying in a shared room, don’t keep all your stuff, that you regularly use, in plastic bags. Especially if you wake up early for work or just come in late at night and need to brush your teeth. Imagine you’re asleep at 6am and someone is up, but their toothbrush and paste is at the bottom of a plastic bag! Go and grab a plastic bag quickly and rustle it in a room with people that are awake, watch how annoyed and how quickly they will say something. I will wait, go do it… SEE, so annoying!! This is one of THE top ways to make enemies in your room

DO Introduce yourself/Be friendly

Imagine how awkward it is walking into a room of 6 or 7 other people and everyone looks up at you then looks away and no one says a word. Be the person thats says, “Hi, My names …..” It will automatically start a conversation and there won’t be awkward silences when you are all in the room. The other benefit of talking to fellow travellers is that you will often come across people that have been travelling for a log time, We met one guy that has been travelling for four years!! People that have been travelling will often have advice on what to do in certain cities or countries. As well as this they could help you with ways to cut costs whilst travelling.

DON’T be the person that turns the light on all the time

If the lights off, check if anyone is in bed. If no ones asleep, then turn it on, If there are people asleep… Leave it off! Be respectful and navigate using the light on your phone or a small torch. I personally hate being woken up in the middle of the night, especially by someone who has turned the light on to find their way to bed and then doesn’t turn it off again!

DO be prepared

If you are leaving early the next day, pack your bag the night before! Nobody wants to hear people bumping around in the morning trying to find stuff under the beds, opening and closing zips or rustling bags!

DONT have sex in the dorm

We are travelling as a couple and we have not had sex IN the dorm room with 7 other people listening. Forget how exciting you think it could be, you will just end up embarrassed. We had one guy attempt to have sex on a top bunk in our room while every one was still awake, all be it the lights were off! Still something was said to him and he stopped, he was off the next day so embarrassment was at a minimal for him!

DO bring a lock (a good one)

Although it is a very negative thing to say, don’t trust the people you’re sharing the room with. You will meet people that you can trust, but with a constant flow of people through the rooms, I would advise against leaving your valuables out. Most hostels provide lockers in the rooms… use them! That guy thats only staying for one night and checking out at 5am? I m sure he wouldn’t mind a new iPhone or laptop. I am not saying sleep hugging all your valuables… just use your common sense!!

DONT take up most of the room

This again seems like using common sense but it really isn’t for some people… don’t let it look like your bag has thrown up its entire content all over the floor. Do keep your stuff organised and neat, Don’t unpack so everyone can see your dirty underwear and clothes.

So these are, what I believe to be the main guidelines on how not to become the most hated person in your hostel. Had any experiences or have any other do’s and dont’s you think should be on the list? Leave them in the comments section below!!

See you soon and remember… Don’t be a hostel arsehole!!


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