October 7th – 13th

This is only the second instalment of our weekly diary and not too much has happened this week!

The usual Monday to friday work schedule that I will leave at that, except for I received a sort of promotion. The reason I say “sort of” is because I have been made quality controller at Audi centre Brisbane, It’s a promotion in terms of it being more responsibility but at the same time, it’s a lot more hours and no one really wants it. But hey… more hours means more money and the fact they trust me enough to do this job must be a good sign!

We decided to make our saturday a “see Brisbane for free” day. Obviously we didn’t do EVERYTHING however, slowly but surely we will,l and I will make a post dedicated to seeing Brisbane for free. We did however head to the town hall and to the museum inside. The museum shows some great history of this wonderful city along with a history of the Brisbane River, from the source of the river to the end.The big kid in us came out when you reach a section where you can make pirate hats and pretend to be pirates on a ship.


We then headed over to the museum on the South bank This museum isn’t dedicated to a specific genre, History or science. It’s a bit of both in one, and completely free!! We spent another few hours in this museum and really enjoyed it. There is an exhibition dedicated to the “forgotten Australians”. It is about the children that grew up in Australian orphanages and about the lack of care and the hardships they faced. I won’t go into too much detail here as it gets a bit intense but it is definitely worth visiting, or even just reading up online about it!!

The sunday saw us head over to eat street market, for those of you that don’t know, this market consists of every cuisine you can think off. Along with some of the best desserts I have ever tried… a Cronut, Half donut half croissant, yes, it is as amazing as it sounds!!


We stuffed our faces with Philly cheese steaks, argentinian burgers and lamb skewers with salad! We ended with the aforementioned cronut and left the market with a food baby in our bellies!

Now we are working for accommodation we also received staff cards. These cards are a slice of heaven, as we get 50% discount on all drinks!! Considering this is a backpackers bar it is already cheap, add a 50% discount and we have the making of some great nights! The bar hosts a pool competition every sunday with a prize of $100 cash for the winner. I have entered for the previous two weeks but have either been drunk or hungover. This week was the first week that I entered sober so was feeling optimistic, Rightly so as I won the competition!


There was another bar game in which you had to inflate a balloon until it popped and the winner received a $25 bar tab. Cassie and I entered along with three other people and Cassie won!! So in an evening we won $125 dollars… This made our whole weekend free, always a bonus when travelling!

That pretty much wraps our week. We are still in two minds as to whether we are going to attend Oktoberfest here in Brisbane or go on the XXXX brewery tour next weekend but we shall see!!

See you next week!


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