September – October 6th


I have decided to start a weekly diary of how our life in Brisbane, or Brizzy as the locals like to call it, is progressing. I will try to have them up every sunday evening. This post will be a bit longer than the others as it covers about 3 weeks worth of activities instead of just the one, very abbreviated however otherwise i would get bored writing it, let alone you reading it!

The first few weeks have consisted of job hunting, working, hosteling (for those of you that have stayed in hostels before will know that this could be an activity all in itself), working for accommodation and partying!

Working is pretty much the same, I am doing the same job I did in the UK, a mechanic for Audi. The biggest difference is that is sunny and hot the whole time, so my usual London commute in a freezing car with rain battering down has been replaced by a leisurely 2 km skate to work


Hosteling is a real thing by the way. So serious in fact that I’ve started to write a post about who not to be at a hostel… That will be up soon! We were originally in an 8 bed dorm for our firs three weeks and people were always chopping and changing so you never really got to hang out with people that much. However, you do get the odd occasion were a person or two would stay for a week so you would get to know them and end up on a few nights out with them. These would mainly be in the backpacker bar underneath our hostel, Cheap drinks and a minute back to the room seems like a no brainer!! One of the nights/mornings, we did however end up in Brisbane Lagoon (Man made beach) to watch the sunrise at 5.45am whilst going for a swim. Check the latest pic on my Instagram, On the right, for the beautiful picture it produced!


We have both also started working for accommodation, which considering our future travel plans seems like a logical choice, keeping in mind we save $1000 dollars a month by doing so! Cassie currently cleans the kitchen in the bar below, 6 days a week for 3 hours a night. I do this on 2 nights a week and on saturday and sunday I help prep the kitchen (Prepare food, sides and anything else the chef needs really)! Working for accommodation also means that we HAD to change room. Not a problem as you also end up sharing with other staff members and we are now in a 4 share room with us taking two of those beds already! Much quieter and easier to sleep!

Partying… this has been a mad one! The partying with other backpackers is always going to be a messy night, but when the people I work with, who live in Brisbane, take you out, you see the night as a local. Out partying three times in two weeks has let me experience the Brisbane night life properly and I can say… IT IS GOOD!!

So thats a basic round up of our time in Brisbane so far! As I mentioned, I will be doing a weekly blog diary from now on as wells as separate posts for the really exciting stuff!!

See you all soon!


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