My bucket list…

So this is one of my few non travel related posts but something I’m sure most of us have compiled one of these in the past.

Some few years back I made a bucket its, and to be honest I had forgotten about it so I decided to see how I was doing on the list! Im not too sure how close to the original list this is, purely because I wrote the original 5+ years ago! As of today, this is my list and I aim to complete at least 80% of the list before I step foot back home in July 2015!

Any of the items on the list highlighted in bold have been completed!! I have elaborated on some for my reasons as to why or just some extra info but to be honest most of them are self explanatory!

  1. Get a tattoo – I now have two!! One is a machine tattoo, done in London and the second one is a bamboo tattoo, done in Thailand IMG_7953
  2. Step foot on every continent – This was nothing but a day dream when I wrote it originally, but 5 years down the line I’m 3 months in to a round the world trip! So far I’ve been to North America, Europe, Asia, Australasia and Africa. All thats left are South America and Antarctica! South America is feasible but Antarctica might be a bit harder, Lets hope I mAke it there some time!
  3. Fall in Love – Love for me is what I’ve found in my Fiancé, Cassie. She loves me completely, even when we have been in an argument or fight I know she still loves me and I can trust her with my life!!  Screen Shot 2014-09-30 at 22.36.10
  4. Get married
  5. Have kids
  6. Perform at a comedy club open night – I am going to be 100% honest with everyone… I am a funny fucker. To clarify, I don’t mean I will make you giggle, I mean I will make you fold like a jumper from laughter!! So with this in mind I really want to do a small 5 minute bit on an open mic night!
  7. Live and work abroad for at least 6 months – This was another item on my list dedicated to wanting to travel and explore the world! I personally believe that the best way to experience a culture or a way of life is to fully emerse yourself in it!
  8. Grow an epic beard – I mean an insane beard… one that makes me look like I have been in a motorbike gang for ten plus years!! Think King Leonidas in the film 300 or Clint Eastwood in the good the bad and the ugly… but longer!!
  9. Road trip across route 66 – For those of you that know me, know I love driving! So what would be better than travelling this legendary route with a group of friends in a camper van for the summer? The road itself runs from Chicago to California and is one the most famous highways in the world!
  10. Bungee jump – Im not sure why I want to entrust my life into, what is essentially a large rubber band, but I think it would be one of the most exhilarating things you can do in life!!
  11. Skydive
  12. Swim in every ocean – For the smart arses amongst you, I appreciate that swimming in the Arctic ocean is going to be freezing and near impossible but I will try my hardest! If I can make it to the antarctic then I just need to get in the water!!
  13. Go to lo tomatina in Spain – This festival looks like so much fun!! This is the tomato throwing festival in Bunol near to Valencia in Spain. People taking part in the week long festival all look forward for the day when thousands of over ripe tomatoes are thrown at each other!!
  14. Appear on tv
  15. Surf – I got to do this in Bali!
  16. Ski/Snowboard – I have done indoor snowboarding and skiing so technically I have completed this but I want to experience this on a mountain in Geneva!
  17. See the northern lights in Iceland
  18. Visit Niagara falls – I was lucky enough to do this on a work trip back in April 2013!
  19. Swim with a shark – In a cage of course… just me! Not me and the shark in a cage…
  20. Get as high as a kite in Amsterdam
  21. Trek the inca trail
  22. Learn a new language – I already speak, read and write fluent english and portuguese. I also speak basic German, Spanish, French and italian… and I mean BASIC!! I want to learn Mandarin ideally but that is optimistic!
  23. Run the London marathon – I have applied several times but not been successful so i will keep trying
  24. Start my own business
  25. Be in a film – I was actually a paid extra in an Indian Tamil film called Thaandavam in 2012. The film itself is over 2 and a half hours long and mainly in a different language so I have unfortunately not watched it yet!
  26. Be at a world cup final
  27. Become an organ donor – Preferably when I have passed away so I may never know if this I completed but if there is ever a need for me to donate whilst I am alive, you better believe I would!
  28. Shoot a gun
  29. Go to a drive in movie
  30. Buy a new Car – May not have been the greatest of cars, Peugeot 107, Bu at the age of 19 I purchased my own, brand new car! It was a very proud day!

So thats my list so far… I’m sure I will think of things to add and I will along the way. The same way I will return and mark what I have completed!

My list is only 26% complete at the moment so I have a while until I reach my 70 percent target by july! Hope you’ve enjoyed knowing some more about me !

What would be on your list? And why?

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