Top 5 things to do in bali on a budget

Sunny, sunny Bali… its sort of a mis sold paradise. People think of Bali and they imagine the perfectly white sandy beaches and the turquoise ocean. What you can’t see from these pictures are the people just out of shot gasping as they feel the cold water from the ocean hit their skin! Or the constant stream of children coming up to you, day or night, with their hands out. But nonetheless I will proceed with my top 5 things to do in Bali, on a budget of course!


1. Surf. As i mentioned in my previous post, surfs up, Bali is beaming, with mainly australians, that have come with sole intention of surfing! On the beach you can’t walk 10 metres without someone coming up to you trying to rent you a surfboard. before coming to Bali I had never surfed, but in 6 days I’ve surfed twice and loved every second of it! If you don’t have a board, rent one on the beach. They will try to charge you 50 thousand Indonesian Rupiah per hour, I managed to rent a board for two hours for 75 thousand with no hassle what so ever!


2. Banjar holy hot springs. This was something we had read about on trip advisor, with the title, Naturally hot water in a man made bathing pool. The hot springs, locally referred to as ‘Air Panas Banjar’ are north of the island, requiring you to book a personal driver for a few hours or a hail a taxi down. Once you’re there, purchase your ticket for 5000 rupiah for an adult (0.25p) and proceed along the path lined with shops selling clothes and food. As you reach the end of the path, a gentleman will take your ticket and pint you towards a gated entrance, you’re here! The water in the pools themselves are a murky green colour, this is due to the sulphur content of the water. The higher the pool the hotter the water is but the main pool, the largest, is just right. Because of the sulphur you have a sort of, off egg smell in the water, no need to worry as they provide showers so you can wash yourself off. 




3. Git Git waterfall. This is the highest water fall on the island and well worth a visit! Forget anything you may read about the walk down being difficult or long, I did it with no hassle, and at the moment I have a dodgy limp from bruising my foot whilst surfing. The entrance fee is the same as the hot springs, 5000 rupiah, and the walk down is the same, a paved walkway with shops the entire way down. At the bottom you get to witness the entire waterfall at its full glory and you can even go for a swim, but be warned, the water is freezing, not cold… but take your breath away cold! However I will never pass up a chance to swim so I got in!!




4. Tanah Lot temple. This is where we paid the highest entrance fee, 30 thousand rupiah, still only £1.50. This temple is beautiful, based on a heavily eroded cliff side with the sea, at high tide, surrounding the entire temple. We visited during low tide so were able to get right up to the temple and even see where the local holy water comes from. You can bathe in the water or just wash your face with no charge but they do expect a donation from you. The grounds the temple is set on are enormous with various points edging out towards the ocean, allowing you to take some magnificent photos!



5. shop!! i know i said on a budget but the prices of clothes and accessories are so cheap that you can shop freely. The normal branded shops such as H&M and New Look are near enough the same price as back home so don’t bother with those, instead take a little wonder down some side streets and alleys to the personally owned stalls. Here, the original price you are quoted it probably 3 or 4 times the actually price they will except. Whilst out with some friends we made travelling, a wooden carving of an elephant went from 200 thousand rupiah (£20) down to 50 thousand (£2.50). Clothes are by far the easiest to haggle the price down on and the more items you buy from one person, the more you can push the limits. Rule of thumb for haggling, divide the price into a quarter if they disagree, walk off, if after that they pull you back with a counter offer, your original offer is near the price they will sell it for!


So they are my personal top 5 things to do in Bali, and with only a few more days left here, I think a bit of surfing may be done again, if my foot heals!


Ever been to Bali? What would be on your top 5?

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