It’s been a month…

Yep, exactly one month to the day that we left London and I thought I’d write a piece about the top ten things I am missing the most. Even to my surprise the list gets weird

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This isn’t in order either, it’s purely as I remember the different things.

1. The obvious family and friends. To be honest I probably missed them a week after leaving, but shhh don’t tell them. Don’t want them to actually think I like them!!

2. Coffee!! Oh my god… That weird little brown bean that you add boiling water to and it makes even the most miserable Monday morning bearable! Now I don’t mean Starbucks, that’s just a novelty coffee. Don’t get me wrong, I love a Starbucks frappe as much as the next white girl in leggings an Uggs, but what I truly miss is a good, strong, black coffee. I’ve had a few since being here and I knew they were horrible and it wasn’t until we walked passed a little coffee shop in Koh Samui that I smelt the aroma and knew that would be a good cup. Two sips later and I was in heaven… Ahhhh.

3. Working out. As strange as this sounds, and most of you reading will probably think that I’m a weirdo on holiday missing the gym. For those of you who really know me, know I love going to the gym. I’m not saying that we don’t exercise here because I think I’ve walked more in the last month than I have the entire year, and because of this I’ve lost some weight. Now this is fine but I’ve also lost muscle, so half the t-shirts I brought with me now sit baggy… Roll on Australia so I get back in the gym!

4. Football! I don’t mean the silly American football with an egg and a lot of men groping each other, I mean the real football. From watching it to playing in the park to playing it on playstation 4. I can still watch it here but you don’t get the same atmosphere or excitement as back home. As for playing it, no chance! People here seem to love their volleyball or racket ball on the beach so that’s out of the window! Or playing it on a games console against your mates. Obviously that’s not going to happen out here but some of the best times spent with friends has been about 10 or more of us crammed into a living room just insulting each other whilst playing FIFA. Oh the good times.

5. Miserable people in London. I’ve mentioned before I dislike most humans and this is fine living in London because no one talks to strangers on the street but here in Thailand it’s the other way around. I’m not a complete arsehole either, I like when locals smile and say hello, that’s just friendly, but when every other person is trying to sell me a shit quality suit and wants to hold my hand to pull me into their shop, then I get annoyed. Or when they try to peddle you crappy little light up toys like I’m 6 and three quarters years old! I’ve learnt how to deal with it though, I have a very short fuse so when people start to talk to me I just point them towards Cassie… She can be the middle man!

6. Fixed price! Everything in Thailand is very cheap compared to back home, but inflated in price because we are foreigners. From the price of clothes at a stall to taxis, and dear lord the taxis are the worst! They triple the price, you half it, they add a little and you think you’ve done alright, all the time he’s laughing in his head that this idiot here has just paid too much! Not anymore, pulling a taxi over, if I say to him “is your meter on” and any word other than yes comes out of his mouth I just walk off! Amazing how much cheaper the journey becomes with a meter that’s on!

7. Knowing my way around. In London I can get from a to b with no hassle even if I don’t know where a or b are I can get on the tube, bus or train and get anywhere. All be it very overpriced I can still get where I need to and relatively quickly. Not in Thailand, trying to organise getting from one place to another becomes excruciating unless you want to pay extra to just have a travel agent book it all for you and add commission! I spent over 6 hours online trying to figure out how to get from one place to another. I managed to find the transfer to the ferry and the ferry tickets no problem… But I couldn’t find a means of transport to take us the 115 miles to the other side. All over the internet people were saying to take “the government bus” but no one has a clue where to get that from so in the end I admitted defeat and paid a travel agent to get us there!

8. My bed. I am a heavy sleeper so not a lot will stir me from my slumber, not even us being right next door to a night club in Koh Samui, with the bass from the club rattling the windows. I slept like a log! The only thing that’s missing is when you wake up and stretch in your own bed, and you’ve had a great nights sleep because you know all the crevices in your bed and know exactly where to lie… Yeah that feeling!

9. The news and newspapers. Back in London i will read the newspaper and watch the news everyday, so I know what’s going on in the world. Here all the tvs are muted so I have to guess the news… The other day I could have sworn the BBC world news were reporting about a giant man eating lizard in the US… Based on their hand movements obviously. As for newspapers they are all obviously in Thai, I’ve learnt a bit of basic Thai but not enough to keep up with current affairs.

10. Eating at Home. Whether it’s me cooking or just a takeaway, I miss being sat around the dinner table or sitting room with family or friends eating a meal in your own home. Another thing I found I missed in the food department was a good Sunday roast! We’ve seen a few places advertising that they do a roast but through the fear of it being shit we’ve opted against it!

So there we have it… My list of things I’m missing back home. I’ll do another one at 6 months along, see how much, if anything, has changed.

What do you think you’d miss the most?!


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