Bye Bye Dubai…

A trip to Dubai wouldn’t be complete without a visit to the tallest building in the world now would it? Unfortunately I wasn’t able to visit the observation deck during daylight hours, poor planning on my behalf, but we made the most of it and headed there in the evening. We make our way to the bottom of the Burj Khalifa and wait to enter the “bullet lift” aptly named this because it goes from the ground floor to the 124th floor in under a minute! As the lift shoots up through the floors (GET IT?! Bullet lift… Shoots… AH forget it!) You hear people gasp and groan as their ears pop… I however just look on and smile… as mine did not… I felt like a king!! 

We reach the 124th floor and exit into a lovely air conditioned corridor, you will NEVER, EVER, appreciate air conditioning as you will in Dubai. We walk through some revolving doors onto the outdoor observation deck and are hit with heat and humidity straight away but the views make you forget about that. You automatically go into full tourist mode and start taking pictures of the views from every possible angle. There are lot of photo opportunities up here but you’re better off taking them yourself, at £40 a picture I would rather have awkward selfies!! From the deck you overlook the Mall and the outdoor fountain show which is worth heading to on its own. During Ramadan the fountain has a water and light show every half an hour to music. Its quite spectacular up close and if you get a chance to see it from the Burj Khalifa you will appreciate it that little bit more!!


The aforementioned “awkward selfie”



A lot of people are very sceptical when travelling to muslim countries due to what they believe to be severe restrictions. Even when I went to Tunisia a lot of people advised me against it because “you cant drink any alcohol”…”You have be fully covered when you leave the hotel”…”they have restrictions on food you can eat”. I am going to tell you now, on our first night in Dubai we were drinking 5 shot cocktails over looking a man made river with every other person in the bar smoking indoors… Yep, thats not a typo. They were smoking indoors, all you smokers must be reminiscing of those days.

On another evening we were drinking double rum and coke overlooking millions of pounds worth of yachts at the Dubai Marina Yacht club.  Not just on those two occasions, later that evening we were 43 floors high at Q43 Playing pool and drinking whatever you pretty much wanted with views across to the Jumeirah Palm. So if unfortunately, you are one of these people who may refuse to travel to another country because you cant drink alcohol then Dubai will more than meet what you need. 

With the whole clothing issue, The ONLY places that women and even men must have their shoulders and knees covered are in the shopping malls. In the nightclubs, its just like being back in London. By that I mean overpriced drinks and oddly dressed humans.

If it’s the cuisine you’re worried about you can always find traditional arabic food or if you want to be boring the hotel you stay at will also do bacon, egg and cereals.


Oh Crap… Oh Crap

Was tall that was running through my head when we got in a taxi. Now the taxis are cheap, I’m talking very cheap and air conditioned!! Theres no, “What if they overcharge me?”. Impossible, its all on a meter and there in front of you. We took the taxis wherever we needed to go and I quickly realised one thing, they only know two throttle positions… not moving and Mario Kart!! I am not joking, because petrol is so cheap they don’t mind burning through it so every taxi is switching lanes at full throttle the entire journey. We took a taxi during a busy period and I felt like I should be throwing bananas at passing cabs and just as every red light turned green I scream LETS’A GO!!


So that concludes Dubai, I’m in love with this place. It’s an amazing city and I would recommend everyone and anyone to visit! 

The next post will be coming from Thailand…See you then!!



13 thoughts on “Bye Bye Dubai…

  1. I love it! Very excited to keep an eye on your travels on your blog, you’re hilarious!!! Big hugs to you both xoxoxoxo


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