Wet and Wild…

Now thats got you reading, I’m not referring to whatever made you open this but to possibly the best waterpark I have ever been too!!  I am talking about Aquaventure at the very top of the palm. This park only has 12 slides in total but some the most intense sides I have ever been on…(I genuinely thought I was gonna poo myself on Poseidon’s revenge). Laugh all you want, but with this slide you start standing on a see through plastic floor, you then hear a countdown 3…2…1… you hear a loud gush of wind as the floor is pulled from underneath you and you free fall for about ten feet in to pitch black before you hit the slide, do two loop the loops with water hitting you from every angle and hurtle at some insane speeds through darkness to the end. The good thing is that if you have a friend with you (who you can persuade to go on it with you), you can have a race to the bottom… I lost.

But that isn’t the main attraction at this water park. The slide every comes for, but not every goes on, is the “leap of faith”. Now this is is a serious slide! At around 90 feet high from starting point to flattest… I stand there full of nerves thinking, why am I here? Whats the point? I make my way closer as one after one people go down the slide with a scream. It’s finally my turn, feet in the water and hands on the bar, I wait for the green light to come on. The green light comes on and I slide myself over the edge. Once your ass hits the slide you cant change your mind, it’s a near vertical drop so gravity wins every time. As I slid down I wanted to scream… I wanted to scream so bad! Like a little girl, but the fact your heart is in your throat, you can’t. The ride itself is over in six-seconds but they are the most intense six-seconds of your life!!







Shop Till You Drop

As I mentioned in my last post, I have a friend of mine that has moved out here. We met up and he decided to take us to Dubai Mall… WOW. This place is phenomenal! The sheer size of it is impressive, let me relate this to my London people, Dubai Mall is 30 times the size of Westfield Stratford… in fact,Dubai mall is still over 10 times as big as both London Westfield malls and blue water shopping centre added together. One of the main attractions at this shopping mall, other than the 1200+ Shops is their amazing indoor Aquarium. With over 30,000 living animals including over 400 sharks and rays combined you can easily spend an hour or so looking around the aquarium, over two floors and taking pictures.





Now Dubai should be content with this shopping mall, but incase you cant find what you want in that mall you can always head over to Mall of The Emirates. This again is an enormous shopping mall, so big in fact that they have their own ski resort in the shopping mall. The resort has 5 ski runs and two ski lifts. Now if you’re thinking thats not impressive enough for a shopping mall, they also let you hug a penguin!! So if you’re heading to Dubai for some shopping you will not be disappointed!




We are off to the Burj Khalifa next… see you then!


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