Yes Please, Yes Please

Arrive at Dubai international airport and I am immediately in awe. Supposedly meant to be the busiest airport in the world, at two in the morning there aren’t too many people, but take in to account you have to take a 5 minute tube ride to customs and baggage reclaim gives you an idea of how busy it can get. 

Dubai International Airport


Anyway I digress, as the reason I mention the airport is the travelling aspect from there to any where in Dubai. The cheapest method is the metro (not open at 2am, thats that out of the window), we head out of the airport to the taxi rank where we get escorted to a black e class Mercedes. The next part is word for word how my conversation went with the taxi driver before we had even stepped foot in the taxi, “how much will it cost to fairmont the palm?”, to which he replies “yes please, yes please” and hand gestures for me to get into the car. “no, sorry,  how much to the fairmont hotel on Jumeirah palm?” to which he smiles, nods and says “yes please, i know where it is, yes please”. With this he’s taken the bags and they’re in the boot of the car. So I think to myself ill try one more time and I find myself talking exactly as Chris Tucker did to Jackie Chan in the first rush hour film, very slowly but very loudly “HOW…MUCH…TO…THE…FAIRMONT…THE…PALM?”, to which he answers, yep you guessed it, “yes please, yes please”. Now we are in the cab and I’m thinking to myself, is yes please yes please a type of currency? have i been given UAE dirhams as a mistake back in London? so we finally get to the hotel and it works out to 130 Dirhams, about £20 for a 20 km cab ride, not bad, and as he DID mention previously he did know where it was, so all in all a success.

With all said and done there is one thing that me and cassie are going to have to remember whilst travelling. This taxi driver understood what I said and got me where I asked but had he asked me in his language I would not have understood a single word! 

This was lucky for us and I feel a few more of the places we are going to go we will struggle to communicate… Right, google -> Basic thai phrases… starting to feel more and more like a backpacker.

Having only slept an hour the night previously and then flying throughout the night to Dubai we arrive at the hotel shattered. Check in was smooth and he even let us check in at 2.30am instead of 11am. Our only thoughts are of sleep but with the promise of 37 degrees by 10 am we stay awake, have breakfast and are the first people out by the pool. The sight from our pool is amazing and the fact it’s an adult only pool is great… I dislike human beings…. But that is a completely different blog all together!!

Fairmont The Palm Dubai 

With it being our first day we cant handle the heat and are soon longing for the air con of the hotel room. After four or five hours in the sun we head back to the hotel room to avoid the hottest part of the day and to catch a bit of much needed shut eye. I head back down to the pool once the weather has “cooled down” a bit, the reason I use the inverted commas is because by cool down I mean the temperature went from 41 degrees to 38 degrees! Yep I couldn’t believe it either, it went that cold! Nearly had to put a jumper on!! 



Our little power nap in the afternoon has given us an energy boost to meet up with a friend who has lived here for the past year and a bit, lets see where the “local” takes us…


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