So This Is A Blog….

As our round the world date moved closer and closer I decided to start a travel blog… I mean why not, it seems to be the “in” thing now. This way at least I have something interesting to write about other than my daily life in London.

I am currently writing this whilst in my bedroom trying to pack my life up… and struggling!! How can I fit 24 years worth of living into a 70 litre backpack?!?!

After a long and gruelling 10 hours, and packing twice, I’m finally finished! I use the term finished in the loosest sense possible as I have just shoved everything in there and kept going until I could close my backpack, YES!!! Even though I still think I don’t have enough clothes, pants, socks or footwear… after all I am only going for A YEAR… shit!! I’d better Un pack and recheck!! OK, now I’m done, I hope/think!!

With both our bags packed, all our injections injected, all our travels insured and all our visas visa’ed? Ok that last one didn’t work but you get the idea. It’s finally time for our journey to begin!!


The next time I blog I will be in Dubai, wish me luck on my flight!!


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