About me


Who am I?


Hey! I’m a 25 year old portuguese, London raised, food and football loving guy! I love exploring things I don’t know or am not comfortable with and believe that life is either an adventure or nothing!

My name is David Dos Santos. Up until july 2014 I was just your typical Londoner. I hated mondays, wasn’t too happy with my job (Not a bad job, just got fed up with being a mechanic for ten years) and I dreamed of seeing the world! One thursday afternoon my Fiancé, Cassie, Whom I am also travelling with is made redundant and suggest we go travelling. That was all the convincing I needed. We booked our tickets for a round the world trip 3 days later, and 3 months later we arrived in Dubai for our first stop!

Since then I have blogged about our complete journey and will continue to do so. So join Cassie an d I on our adventure around the world.



Why I Blog?

The reason I originally started was just so when its all said and done I have complete recollection, beside pictures of everything we got up to! I want to be able to show the world that you can travel on a shoe string budget and survive! Sure it won’t be the most glamorous but if it was all five stars and caviar what would be the point?

When its all said and done I do not want to return to London and start another 9-5 job, monday to friday. I would love to explore every corner of the world and share my travels with every one else through this blog! So if you read something you like, find something funny or have any feedback on any posts then let me know… And if you really like my blog, you could follow me on twitter here or like my page on Facebook here!!




 Contact me

Have a question, comment or concern? Please do not hesitate to contact me here or directly

E-mail me at                   David (DOT) Pinto (AT) live.co.uk


9 thoughts on “About me

    • I’ve to read about other peoples travel experiences, as my husband and I love to travel to. Going to Europe next month with our one year old, yikes! Safe travels to u and your fiancé! Enjoy 🙂

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